Who we are

MITROVIĆ IP was founded in 2008 as boutique law firm dedicated to all fields of intellectual property law, relying on more than 30 year of experience our consultant's posses in the field of IP law, and IP protection in Serbia and the Balkans.

We strive to provide all our clients with the best possible counseling and representation through our knowledge, experience, clear and open communication and always bearing in mind our client needs and individual business strategies.

Our goal and philosophy is to constantly improve the quality of our services, striving for excellence in a very competitive field.

What we do

Prosecution of trademarks, patents & designs

Extension of the European Patents

Conducting trademark searches

Trademark renewal and patent annuity payment

Cancellation of the IP rights that could violate our client’s earlier rights

Quality responses to refusal of applications

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Where we work


Our Clients

The base of our clients is from Serbia and neighbor countries (Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania), but with a growing list of a satisfied clients worldwide, from Germany, Sweden, P.R. of China, Italy, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Hungary, Spain, USA, Austria, Vietnam, Israel, Poland, Slovakia, South Korea, Cyprus, Turkey, Norway, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Russia, Ireland, Netherlands, Estonia, Columbia, Denmark, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Taiwan (ROC), Australia, India...